Melissa Ross

School presentations include educational information from the book/books that I am sharing as well as information about the process of writing and illustrating.  I bring a variety of visual props and enjoy interacting with students.  My goal is "imagication" (to inspire, educate, and ignite creativity).

I am happy to adjust presentations to meet the needs and goals of a particular school.   

Sessions last 35 minutes - 1 hour, depending on the ages of students. Presentations are scheduled as half days or full days.

Please email me for specifics regarding a visit to your school.  I would love to answer any questions you may have.

From Librarians:

"Melissa Ross has a unique combination of talents.  She is not only a great author and fabulous illustrator, but also a wonderful presenter.  Her Supermoon presentation centered around tools that represented the writing process.  Teachers and students alike connected to these analogies and to Melissa's engaging presentation!  We were thrilled to have her and love the fact that her presentation was such a great learning experience."

                                                                                Amy Thomas (Fredericksburg Elementary School)

"Our students and faculty very much enjoyed Ms. Ross and were impressed by her presentations.  We would definitely like for Ms. Ross to return to our school."

                                                                                 Iva Campbell (Liberty Elementary School)